Feel like you’re throwing your message into a bottomless pit?

You’ve taken the risk, put yourself out there, hung your shingle—so to speak. But no one’s knocking at your door.

You’ve followed all the rules.

Checked off every list.

Signed up for way too many masterclasses.

And still, you’re a little bit convinced that you must be stuck in the middle of a silent movie because no matter how hard you scream, no one seems to hear you.

Is there a secret you’re missing out on? A magic formula you’ve yet to find?

I wish I could say YES, but the truth is, life as an entrepreneur is hard.

There are no shortcuts and no Pass Go cards.

If there’s any Holy Grail to entrepreneurial success, it certainly includes a heck of a lot of elbow grease, scraped knees, and steely nerved determination.

But you know what else it includes? A few wicked-smart friends along the way.

So here I am. . . completely convinced you’ve got a message worth telling and ready to do whatever it takes to share it.


Lindsay is a gifted writer and a deep thinker. She knows how to connect with an audience. Her words are refreshing and inspiring. Not only is she great with her craft, but she is organized, pays attention to the details, and always meets deadlines. She is a tenacious researcher and stays on top of industry insight. I love working with Lindsay. . .

Julie Short, host of Momnesia



When Opinions Matter

I've never been one to put a whole lot of stock in other people's opinions of me. . . except when it comes to my work.