A no-fuss, get-to-the-point, deep-dive approach to finally getting a message that woos the socks off your target audience.

*woo: to cause someone to fall wildly in love with you, sort of like Scarlet and Rhett, Desi and Lucy, Harry and Sally, Rachel and Ross, Homer and Marge. . . 

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Let's cut to the chase, shall we? I'm here to make you look good. This isn't just about finding the right words or writing the perfect website copy. This is about figuring out who in the heck you are and then finding authentic ways to flaunt your stuff. In short, this is where psychotherapy meets content strategy. Only without the couch. 


What You Need vs. What I Offer

If you're looking for an experienced copywriter who can talk about ROI and funnels with the same ease that she can talk about parts of speech and paragraph structures, then you've found the right place. Before we start, though, here's what you should know. . . LEARN MORE>>

That Time I Learned About Story

It all started with a yellow school bus and a blue ink pen. When the principal called me into his office the next day, I leaned on the wisdom of all the great storytellers in my life and remembered that getting what you want all boils down to knowing your audience. . .LEARN MORE>>

Let's Talk About Process  

This work you're about to do isn't anything like that childhood game of pin the tail on the donkey. You don't have time for guesswork. I want to guarantee that you're in the right place, asking for the right product, and achieving the right result. Here's how it happens. . . LEARN MORE>>


Lindsay was (and continues to be) a lifesaver.  She completely overhauled most copy on our website, some marketing collateral, a set of cold email templates, and (so far) one guest blog post.  Her work was extremely thorough and included tons of market research/stats.  More importantly, it seemed like her focus was primarily on the success of our mission -- she took a vested interest and continues to follow up with suggestions.

Brett Meyer, Owner, Donation Spring


When Opinions Matter

I've never been one to put a whole lot of stock in other people's opinions of me. . . except when it comes to my work.