But with the right strategy and skills, you can win the world over.

Just ask my clients.

Lindsay was (and continues to be) a lifesaver. She completely overhauled most copy on our website, some marketing collateral, a set of cold email templates, and (so far) one guest blog post. Her work was extremely thorough and included tons of market research/stats. More importantly, it seemed like her focus was primarily on the success of our mission — she took a vested interest and continues to follow up with suggestions.
— Brett Meyer, Owner, Donation Spring

Lindsay, I just wanted to thank you so much for the fabulous work you've done for us. Even though we've been working together for a while now, I'm still in awe of what you did in June of 2017: you walked in with little advance notice, immediately grasped what we do and what was needed, and then worked so hard helped us accomplish just that.

I look at everything you have provided for us, and I am so grateful for all of it: your expert help with our content marketing, helping us organize our new website and populate with your terrific content, and a complete transformation of our email marketing. We were really struggling before you walked in the door, and now it's a smooth process that produces exactly what it needed.

I'm also really impressed with your ability to act as part of our team and still maintain your objectivity and focus as our content marketing consultant, as well as our copywriter. Our market and situation are unique, and to be honest I doubted we would ever find the right person. I was so wrong!

I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated and valued by us, and how much you have contributed to our transformation as a company.

—Jennie Marlow, Program Manager, 1Body Inc.

Lindsay has been a great contributor on content strategy and writing assignments. She brings original, thought-provoking ideas and is a pleasure to work with. Lindsay has high integrity, and I am comfortable putting her in direct contact with clients, knowing she would deliver a high standard of work.

— Josh Brammer, Senior Executive, Outside Source Design 

I first knew Lindsay as a fellow graduate student, then as a fellow freelance writer. Hands down, she is one of the best writers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Lindsay’s talent as a storyteller is off the charts. She’s passionate about her work and about meeting and exceeding her clients’ demands. Lindsay is also a dedicated, reliable partner. She’s a great listener, a consummate professional, and a gracious and congenial person. Creative agencies and corporate marketers dream of finding writers like her. She truly is one of a kind.

— Becky Tumidolsky, B2B Brand Storyteller, Words in Effect

I can’t believe in just a few short times talking on the phone you were able to nail our company brand and philosophy in just a few short, simple paragraphs.

— April Howe, Marketing Coordinator, The Cleary Company

Lindsay reinvented the messaging and marketing of the admissions operations, which played a large part in the increase in this year's incoming class. In addition to her mastery of professional and creative writing, Lindsay thinks like a marketer and asks tough questions like a researcher. The rare combination of these skills makes Lindsay a true value to any organization which needs to craft a message or attract a crowd. She has my strongest possible endorsement.

— Joe Davis, Senior Consultant, Hobsons

Lindsay understood exactly what we needed and created great, quick copy to address those needs. She pushed back when we gave her feedback she didn't agree with (respectfully) and was timely with edits. We were thoroughly pleased with the quality of work delivered, especially given how quickly we needed the copy and how this was Lindsay's first exposure to our brand.

— Eva Jackson, Senior marketing manager, emplify

You brought such professionalism & innovation to our marketing material. Everyone we give it to is so impressed. You make us look great!

— Allison wheaton, executive director, summit equestrian center