You shouldn’t have to sell your soul in order to reach your audience.


Hey there, Lindsay here. The go-to copy whisperer for coaches and influencers who just need “someone who finally gets it.”

If you’re anything like me, you work overtime to tame the eye roll when you see the newest Instagram-filtered marketing guru rave on and on about how they consistently hit $100 K/month (and “how you can too if you will only follow this super secret formula that I discovered out of my sheer brilliance and now I’m so graciously sharing here with you.”) Sound familiar?

And of course, it’s all cleverly disguised as FREE, but ultimately delivered at the price of your carefully saved thousands.

Surround yourself with this outdated (and completely INAUTHENTIC) guru soundtrack long enough and you’ll swear you’ve sold your soul to Beelzebub.

But what if you didn’t have to jump on the marketing bandwagon in order to reach your audience?

What if you could hold on to every ounce of your authentic self and STILL SUCCEED at building a message that causes the RIGHT PEOPLE to perk up and say, “Oh my gosh, where has this person been my whole life?!”

If you need permission to break the rules, ignore the gurus, and build a coaching business that feels like the real you, then I’m here to give it to you. (The truth? You don’t need me to give it to you. You’re ready to give it to yourself!)

Set yourself free from the formulas, the “get-clients-now-schemes,” and the cookie-cutter templates for just. a. little. while. (Or better yet. . . forever!)

Because when you let yourself breathe and step out of all of the to-do-list traps and comparison formulas, you’ll find the voice that will speak volumes to your audience (...and change their lives with a message ONLY YOU CAN SHARE).

“Ordinary” skipped your genetic code? Mine, too.

  • If you keep a notebook beside your bed because you know you’ll wake up with an inspired idea. (Or let’s get even more real. . . you’ve been known to jump dripping wet from the shower because, hello. . . when a good idea comes, you can’t risk forgetting it. . . )

  • If you know every Myers Briggs personality type and every Enneagram number and intuitively understand what makes people tick (and what makes them run and hide) within the first 5 minutes of meeting with them. . .

  • And if you feel like you could win any race if you were running on intuition alone. . .


then I think it’s possible we might become best friends.


Creative agencies and corporate marketers dream of finding writers like her. She truly is one of a kind.
— Becky Tumidolsky, Words In Effect
I’m also really impressed with your ability to act as part of our team and still maintain your objectivity and focus as our content marketing consultant, as well as our copywriter. Our market and situation are unique, and to be honest, I doubted we would ever find the right person. I was so wrong!
— Jennie Marlow, 1Body Inc.


No matter HOW we work together, we’ll always be driving towards one goal: AUTHENTICITY.

And we’ll use my Brand Authenticity Matrix to get there.

lindsay hotmire (9).png


You find your voice by welcoming introspection.



You strengthen your voice by pursuing outsights (insights from those outside your brand).



You share your voice by empowering others to take action.



What’s so unique about the matrix?

Unlike traditional frameworks and templates, the matrix isn’t bound to any specific starting or ending point. Nor is it shackled by a step-by-step approach.

Instead, the Brand Authenticity Matrix uses the three outer circles of brand authenticity (values, impact, action) as a way to expose what lies in between. And it is here in the in between where the magic happens.

Think of it like this. . .

If you want to create a message that is true to you and resonates deeply with your audience, you have to be willing to start within the safety and reason of formula, and then. . . you have to be courageous enough to step into the parts of your brand that cannot be deciphered by formula.

These are the parts that are felt and experienced.

These are the parts that convince and compel.

These are the parts that are authentic.


An authentic message deserves an authentic approach.


And if this feels overwhelming, don’t worry - you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to help you move through The Brand Authenticity Matrix so you can stop dodging the cheap, sales tactics every other coach is throwing at you (and the world) and start leveraging your true, authentic self.

You tell everyone else they’ve got a superpower. It’s time to set yours free—don’t you think?


Here’s how you can get started today.



Work with me as your Authentic Guide.

Investment: $1,200


Deep dive session where we’ll uncover some of your biggest messaging obstacles.

  • Authenticity Guide that presents a clear and concise method for expressing your mission and your values

  • Messaging Compass that helps you uncover messaging that impacts and converts



Work with me as your Invested Coach.

Investment: $2,500

Monthly copy support where we work together to create the most effective copy and the best strategies.

  • Access to a professional conversion copywriter who gets your voice, your value, and your brand matrix

  • Weekly check-in calls (1 hour/week) + in-depth follow-up emails on suggested action steps)

  • Intensive copy support* (may include support on copy editing, rewrites, email campaigns, web pages, social posts). *Does not equate to full rewrites or copy creation

  • Unlimited email support to answer any quick questions not requiring intensive copy support and in-depth reviews



Work with me as a Valued Partner.

Investment: $5,500

Brand Authenticity Matrix Session: We’ll talk about your values, your impact and your action, and then I’ll use research + intuition to create your Brand Messaging Guide—an in-depth guide that will help you intuitively and confidently empower your target audience to take action.

And don’t worry. I don’t just hand you a brand dossier and say “good luck!” As your Valued Partner, I help you take all those nuggets of info and apply them in targeted, meaningful ways.

You’ll also get the following when you work with me as a Valued Partner:

  • 1 Month of Invested Copy Coaching

  • Wireframe and content for homepage



Need even more?

Customized content packages are available after the Brand Authenticity Matrix session.



Want to stand out? Here’s the good news. . .