We'll begin with a phone call, getting to know the details of your business, your budget, your deadline and the problem you need solved. You can also get to know me a little bit.

If you're not sure about the problem you need solved or need a little more help figuring out your brand, we can schedule a paid roadmapping session where I'll ask some deep questions that will help us get clarity on the direction you really need to go. After this session, I'll deliver a detailed summary of our conversation with specific actionable steps that you can take--either on your own or with my help.

If you decide to hire me, I'll send you a statement of work and a contract that requests 50 percent down before I get started. 


Step one in really getting started includes a strategy session where we deep dive into your brand, your target audience and your goals. I might ask to interview a few of your clients or even talk to others in your company in order to get a comprehensive feel for the tone and direction of your messaging. 

You'll get a creative brief that outlines all the nuggets of info found throughout this process. It will talk about things like voice, target audience, words to use and words never to use, pain points, strengths, competitors and more.

Once you approve the brief, then I'll hunker down and get to work writing. Throughout the process, I'll keep in close contact with you--asking any questions as they arise or just keeping you up to speed on my progress.


When I'm finished, I'll send you a draft and ask you to take a look and let me know where any edits need to be made. Here's just one word on my approach to edits: I work like mad to nail your copy the first time, but sometimes, edits still need to happen. This is what makes copy better. It's what ensures the voice is yours--not mine--so be willing to be honest. 

Once you've given the go-ahead, it's time to pay the rest of your invoice and then I'll hand over the completed draft. Just. Like. That.

After you launch your copy, I always love to take a final look--just to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation. And if you'd like me to stick around to help make tweaks to your content strategy or add to your content library, just let me know!