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Highlights & Key Metrics


I joined One Body on the ground floor, helping to identify and create a brand message that would resonate with its target audience. Web copy, landing pages, webinar and video scripts, blogs, email campaigns, social media copy—I’ve strategized, led and created all content designed to build an audience and drive revenue. My copy has converted at more than 60%, and emails have boasted up to a 50% click-through rate.

I’m also really impressed with your ability to act as part of our team and still maintain your objectivity and focus as our content marketing consultant, as well as our copywriter. Our market and situation are unique, and to be honest, I doubted we would ever find the right person. I was so wrong!
— Jennie Marlow, 1Body Inc.

Branding & Content Strategy

Like many institutions of higher education, gaining and sustaining enrollment is a challenge. When I arrived at Anderson University, enrollment had been in a 5-year slump. I completely revamped the content strategy, leading the way on email campaigns, social media campaignsvideo campaigns and print campaigns. The result was a 30 percent increase in lead conversions, millions of dollars in additional revenue, and increased university brand cohesion. More exciting, the following year proved to be the first time the university had met or exceeded enrollment goals since 2011. 

Lindsay reinvented the messaging and marketing of the admissions operations, which played a large part in the increase in this year’s incoming class. In addition to her mastery of professional and creative writing, Lindsay thinks like a marketer and asks tough questions like a researcher. The rare combination of these skills makes Lindsay a true value to any organization which needs to craft a message or attract a crowd.
— Joe Davis, Campus Management Corp.

Web Copy & Brand Strategy

As an employee engagement platform, Emplify was seeking to differentiate itself in the market and needed to distill its message in a cohesive and understandable way. Through a brand messaging session and competitor research, I collaborated with Emplify’s creative team to develop a central messaging strategy for its growing brand.

Lindsay understood exactly what we needed and created great, quick copy to address those needs. We were thoroughly pleased with the quality of work delivered, especially given how quickly we needed the copy and how this was Lindsay’s first exposure to our brand.
— Eva Jackson, Senior Marketing Manager

Forbes & Architectural Digest

I work with leading Fortune 500 CEOs throughout the nation to craft engaging and compelling advertorials for Forbes and Architectural Digest. Through focused interviews, I establish the primary marketing message and then work with project managers and designers to create powerful copy designed to attract and convert diverse target audiences. Industries include higher education, tech, design and construction, women in business, aerospace, law and more.

I can’t believe in just a few short times talking on the phone you were able to nail our company brand and philosophy in just a few short, simple paragraphs.
— April Howe, Marketing Coordinator, The Cleary Company


Summit Equestrian Center needed a powerful way to express their services and their mission, especially to its donors. Working closely with the executive director, photographer and graphic designer, we developed a 16-page viewbook that could serve multiple audiences—an important facet of this project, considering the nonprofit’s small marketing budget.

You brought such professionalism and innovation to our marketing material. Everyone we give it to is so impressed. You make us look great! I wish I could have you help us with more of our materials! I will be contacting you again and recommending you to the people that compliment our book.
— Allison Wheaton, Executive Director

Internal Messaging