I get it. You can search "copywriter" on Google and feel like you're suddenly standing in the middle of the Venetian in Las Vegas. Close your eyes and you might just think you've hit the jackpot. 

But the truth is, you have not landed here on this page simply because you're looking for a copywriter. You're looking for a better way of doing business--your business. You know something just isn't working, and you're ready to fix it. 

And this is where the best copywriters really stand out. 

We aren't just writers. We're savvy thinkers. 

Research is our love language, and we were the kids in school who asked the hard questions just because we could. 

We write because we believe it's the foundation for the best marketing--and like you, we've been deep in the trenches, looking at the numbers and the data and figuring out how in the world we're going to bring in more leads, more conversions and more money. 


Ask me what I do, and here's what I'll say: 

I don't just write copy. I'm a voracious researcher first. I learn your market as though it were my own. I ask to talk to current or past clients. I talk to people in your organization. I listen for phrases, for pain points, for positive reviews and then I use those to leverage content in a way that will speak the language of your target audience with the distinct voice of your brand. 

Bottom line: I'm here to help you set your brand apart from everyone else out there. Sure, we can follow formulas and trends, but there are also times to step far beyond the boundaries of the box. How can we do that? 

  • Full website copy
  • Landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Whitepapers and Case Studies
  • Video Scripts
  • Content strategy
  • Brand Planning Sessions


You won't find package deals here. Why? Because your needs are unique, so I'll discover who you are and what you need and then quote a service that will deliver the most value. 

My minimum package typically starts at $1,500 and then grows from there.

Sometimes, I'll take on smaller projects when I believe in the company and in the mission, but typically, a "one-and-done" service is completed in a vacuum, done with little strategy and returning little influence. Hiring me means you're hiring a partner, someone who rolls up her shirt sleeves and gets deep into the trenches with you. 


If you're looking for an experienced copywriter who can talk about ROI and funnels with the same ease that she can talk about parts of speech and paragraph structures, then you've found the right place. Before we start, though, here's what you should also know:

  • I don't promise same-day copy. I promise thoughtful copy that drives customers through your funnel. 
  • I won't write blindly. I've never liked surprises and I've always hated the dark. So expect me to show up prepared with a notebook and a heck of a flashlight so I can peer in deep and wide and know exactly what to say and when to say it.
  • I'm not a miracle worker. A few of those have walked this earth. I'm not one of them. I'm just a piece of your puzzle. If you're looking for words to eliminate all of your business anxieties, then we won't be a fit. We'll talk about strategy, about your current market, about your goals and about your competitors and then develop a content plan to fill in the gaps. But without great design or good analytics or great leadership--content will always only be the proverbial Band-Aid on a gaping wound.


Yep. That's me, in my most unfiltered celebratory status--beating my kids at UNO.  This is how I look every time I celebrate a victory with a client. So yeah, WOOHOO! 

Yep. That's me, in my most unfiltered celebratory status--beating my kids at UNO.  This is how I look every time I celebrate a victory with a client. So yeah, WOOHOO! 


"Lindsay was (and continues to be) a lifesaver.  She completely overhauled most copy on our website, some marketing collateral, a set of cold email templates, and (so far) one guest blog post.  Her work was extremely thorough and included tons of market research/stats.  More importantly, it seemed like her focus was primarily on the success of our mission -- she took a vested interest and continues to follow up with suggestions." Brett Meyer, Owner, Donation Spring
"You brought such professionalism & innovation to our marketing material. Everyone we give it to is so impressed. You make us look great!" Allison Wheaton, Executive Director, Summit Equestrian Center
"Lindsay is a gifted writer and a deep thinker. She knows how to connect with an audience. Her words are refreshing and inspiring. Not only is she great with her craft, but she is organized, pays attention to the details, and always meets deadlines. She is a tenacious researcher and stays on top of industry insight. I love working with Lindsay and give her my highest recommendation." Julie Short, Associate Director of Data, Operations & Technology, Ball State University
"I was just a few moments away from hiring someone else for the role of Assistant Director of Marketing and Communication when Lindsay's resume happened across my desk. After perusing her resume and reviewing her professional web site I remember laughing and being really glad that I hadn't made that offer yet. Over the next 18 months Lindsay reinvented the messaging and marketing of the admissions operations, which played a large part in the increase in this year's incoming class. In addition to her mastery of professional and creative writing, Lindsay thinks like a marketer and asks tough questions like a researcher. The rare combination of these skills makes Lindsay a true value to any organization which needs to craft a message or attract a crowd. She has my strongest possible endorsement." Joe Davis, Senior Consultant, Hobsons
“I first knew Lindsay as a fellow graduate student, then as a fellow freelance writer. Hands down, she is one of the best writers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Lindsay’s talent as a storyteller is off the charts. She’s passionate about her work and about meeting and exceeding her clients’ demands. Lindsay is also a dedicated, reliable partner. She’s a great listener, a consummate professional, and a gracious and congenial person. Creative agencies and corporate marketers dream of finding writers like her. She truly is one of a kind.” Becky Tumidolsky, B2B Brand Storyteller, Words in Effect
We were thoroughly pleased with the quality of work delivered, especially given how quickly we needed the copy and how this was Lindsay's first exposure to our brand.” Eva Jackson, Senior Marketing Manager, Emplify