Grab a sneak peek at a few of the projects I've worked on. If you'd like to see more of something or are ready to collaborate, just get in touch with me and we'll connect! 


The life of a startup can be difficult. It's a world where you're wearing many hats, and you're often focused on surviving so you can find that place of thriving. Messaging is something you know you need to devote time and resources to, but finding that place in your own mind where you can sort through your mission, your vision, and your ideas can be tough--if not nearly impossible. My work centers on helping clients focus on their work--on making sure they can find room to breathe, and on helping them find the right words to navigate through their chosen paths. Almost always, the foundation of any startup or SaaS company rests on trying to make the world a better place. And whether it's branding, content strategy, research, web copy, email campaigns, or more,  I'm here to make sure you can do just that. 


Lindsay reinvented the messaging and marketing of the admissions operations, which played a large part in the increase in this year's incoming class. In addition to her mastery of professional and creative writing, Lindsay thinks like a marketer and asks tough questions like a researcher. The rare combination of these skills makes Lindsay a true value to any organization which needs to craft a message or attract a crowd. 

Joe Davis, Senior Consultant, Hobsons

Branding & Content Strategy

Like many institutions of higher education, gaining and sustaining enrollment is a challenge. When I arrived at Anderson University, enrollment had been in a 5-year slump. I completely revamped the content strategy, leading the way on email campaigns, social media campaignsvideo campaigns and print campaigns. The result was a 30 percent increase in lead conversions, millions of dollars in additional revenue, and increased university brand cohesion. More exciting, the following year proved to be the first time the university had met or exceeded enrollment goals since 2011. 

Lindsay has been a great contributor on content strategy and writing assignments. She brings original, thought-provoking ideas and is a pleasure to work with. Lindsay has high integrity, and I am comfortable putting her in direct contact with clients, knowing she would deliver a high standard of work.

 Josh Brammer, Senior Executive, Outside Source Design

Web Copy & Brand Strategy

As a managed IT provider, Spectrum Technology was struggling with distilling its brand message in a cohesive and understandable way. Through a brand messaging session and competitor research, I collaborated with the brand strategy team at Outside Source Design,a marketing, design and development agency, to develop a central messaging strategy that resonates with a target audience in search of business-minded solutions that help their companies survive and thrive within a digitally driven environment.

Middle Fork Image.PNG

 I can’t believe in just a few short times talking on the phone you were able to nail our company brand and philosophy in just a few short simple paragraphs.

April Howe, Marketing Coordinator, The Cleary Company

Forbes & Architectural Digest

I work with leading Fortune 500 CEOs throughout the nation to craft engaging and compelling advertorials for Forbes and Architectural Digest. Through focused interviews, I establish the primary marketing message and then work with project managers and designers to create powerful copy designed to attract and convert diverse target audiences. Industries include higher education, tech, design and construction, women in business, aerospace, law and more.

Market Strategy & Research

Partnering with this national full-service advertising, strategy, media, and branding agency, I research competitor markets and trends that guide marketing strategies for leading, worldwide clients. I then compile all data into whitepapers,  collaborating with a data and research team to paint a cohesive picture for each client's market.